Factory Direct lasermachines : cutting out the middle-man !


Buying factory-direct saves you lots of money. We charge no overhead on our DTC (direct-to-customer) orders and there are no additional charges like transport, storage, insurance etc. that would apply if your machine would first be sent to a dealer or reseller.


From our factories directly to your frontdoor -> that is the shortest route our machines can follow, so why take extra time and risk ? You will receive your machines faster, there will be less overloading in the process and so there will be less change of transport damages or costly delays.

Better warranty & service

Since you buy factory direct you also get your warranty directly from the manufacturer. No need to wait for middle-men to file a claim and get a response. You get a straight line to our engineering department and if there is ever a need for parts they come straight from us to you.

G.Weike plate & tube combination laser

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