Short communication-lines bring you many advantages as an end consumer. You buy directly at the source and therefore do not run the risk of middlemen wanting to make quick money or failing to make good on their promises. Our machines are much cheaper when purchased under our own factory-direct brand.

Read on below and learn how over 2.000 G.Weike’s employees ensure daily that your new fiber laser machine is brought to life in your workshop quickly, cheap and as easy as pie.

Buy directly @ the source

Since 2012 G.Weike has been delivering more and more fiber laser machines directly to end users in order to keep costs as low as possible. As standard procedure our fiber laser machines have always been delivered straight to the customer on site and connected or set up there. A middleman seemed to have little value in terms of transportation or storage in those scenario’s. Experience has also taught us that fiber laser machines are extremely stable and can easily be started up by yourself. As a result, Factory Direct has become a very logical win-win situation and currently almost 85% of our sales consist of directly supplied machines.

Support throughout the entire process

As machines manufacturer, we have invested a lot in our service departments. For starters that’s why you are now reading this text in your own language. For service reasons also, more than 1,200 service employees are available around the world to support you remotely if necessary.
We have paid great attention to the laser machines installation process to make it as seamless as possible for our end-users. For example, every machine that is delivered to you from the factory is first fully assembled and extensively tested. Every screw hole and control wire therefore fits exactly in its place and you can be sure that if you need to do some assembly it will fit like a glove.
For each machine we provide step-by-step assembly instructions with a large number of color photos that show exactly what you have to do to get your machine up and running. We are continuously working on improving our packaging and transport process so that we can supply you with more and more ready-to-use fiber laser machines straight “out-of-the-box”.

Technical service & flying mechanics

Although most fiber laser machines are very easy to install, we know that our customers sometimes need help. That is why our technical service staff are available to assist you with more technical support if needed. They know every bolt and screw by heart and can quickly get you back on track via WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook or Team Viewer.
In addition, G.Weike works with a network of local partners who are all trained and can support you with the maintenance of machines or with training and installation. If you do not find enough support there, you can also fall back on our “Flying Mechanics”. Over 50 flying factory-mechanics visit customers worldwide when a situation becomes very complex or when a local technical partner needs support. As you can see, even with Factory Direct, you are never alone.

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