installation service for fiber laser machines

if you would rather not install the lasermachine yourself, or if you need an extra hand or on the job training, you can always rely on our local service center. Based in the Netherlands our service center technicians service all countries in Europe. Staff has been trained by factory engineers and are in direct contact with R&D , sales and technical departments.

installation service for fiberlaser machines

Our local mechanics speak multiple languages (e.g. Dutch , German , English , French , Russian) and can provide installation services as well as in-house training. They know the market and have extensive experience.

Direct contact with no extra overhead

If you want to make use of local installation service we will bring you into contact with our engineering department after your machine has been shipped and before it arrives at your door. Your machines will always be shipped directly from our factories in China. For installation , training or repairs you can contact our service center directly with your machine-purchasing-code that is listed on your shipping documents. This way you can negotiate pricing for installation & training or other details directly with your local support center. You can also rely on service centers for :

* information & advise regarding positioning of your machines
* Advice in relation to gasconnections, power supplies and exhaust systems
* software training & customised exchange of knowledge
* periodic maintenance of your laser machine
* repairs, upgrades or modifications.

(Make sure to provide the service center with your purchasing details when you contact them. Service centers will not perform pre-sale services.)

installation @ customer site
fiber laser installation @ customer site

Custom service

Normally speaking local technicians will follow standard procedures which implies that you as the customer have prepared for the laserinstallation ahead of time. This normally means that powersupplies, gassupplies and exhaust system (infrastructure) need to be finished and connected to the machine prior to engineers visiting your site. Local engineers will typically stay in a hotel near you during installation and will try to make use of their time as efficiently as possible. A typical installation will take anywhere from 2 to 8 days, depending on machine size and options.
If your require extra services you can discuss them with a local service center directly. Each service center is independently owned and operated.

local installation partner in the Netherlands
local installation partner in the Netherlands
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