BCS-100 height controller manual download


This Manual describes the BCS100 capacitive height controller in greater detail. It includes system features, operation and installation instructions. This is a free download.

Download your copy of the BCS-100 manual here for free

The BCS-100 height controller is connected to the laserhead nozzle through an amplifier on the side of the laserhead. The controller measures field capacity several thousand times per second and dynamically adjusts the height of the lasertip above the material.

User-tip : Make sure to calibrate your BCS-100 capacity measurements daily. The height controller makes sure that your lasertip stays within a set range above your material to allow for smooth and accurate cutting. This controller also warns for tip-touch and crashes into the cutting material. It also makes sure that your laserhead follows the material up and down when it is warped.

” Always be kind to your BCS-100 controller – it’s the tool that makes or breaks your laser cut quality ”

P. Scheepens
nameBCS100 Capacitive Height Controller User Manual
manufacturerShanghai Friendess Electronic TechnologyCo.,Ltd

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