chiller water coolant for laser machines – jerrycan 10 liters


Jerry-can with 10 liters of specially formulated chiller-water ! Free delivery anywhere in Europe.

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chiller water coolant for laser machines

lasertube with chiller water running through it

A better solution for your chiller system !

Chillerwater prevents algea growth & mineral deposits, lubricates better, protects at low temperatures, cleans contaminated systems, tranfers energy faster and is completely safe to use!

Why chillerwater is better at protecting your machines

And how it helps you save on downtime, system breakdowns & money. Chiller water makes machines run more efficient and is less strenuous on your systems. Implementing chillerwater is the safe choice for machinery and will earn itself back tenfold – that’s guaranteed !

Prevents organic contaminants in chiller systems.

Chillerwater prevents algea growth and prevents existing organic contaminations from spreading further. It helps prevent clogging & damaging buildup.

Lubricates the system

Chillerwater has excellent lubricating qualities making your systems run smoother and cooler. With less friction and wear your maintenance costs will go down.

Has better heat transfer capabilities

The thermal heat-transfer coefficient of chiller water is much higher than your typical waterbased filling. It results in less frequent and lower heat-spikes with overal narrower temperature bandwidths.

Protects in low temperature environments

Chillerwater has a lower freezing point than water. It can be used in colder climates to start machines up much smoother with instant lubrication. Chillerwater protects better against freezing or cracking.

Environmentally safe

The unique blend and properties of chillerwater protect your machines but will not harm the environment. All ingredients are technically food-safe and non-toxic for flora and fauna.

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 cm


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