CW-5000/5200 waterchiller technical manual download


This Manual describes the CW-5000 and CW-5200 water chiller in greater detail. It includes system features, operation and installation instructions. This is a free download.

technical manual for CW-5000 / CW-5200 chillers

This manual describes the general operations of the CW-5000 family of water chillers as most commonly used to cool laser tubes in CO2 laser cutting machines. It also contains a programming manual to set and control your chiller’s automatic features.

User-tip : don’t use regular water in your water chiller, it will damage your systems. Use specially formulated chiller-water instead.

” Laser tubes are very sensitive to high temperatures – always use an active water chiller vs. a passive one. ”

P. Scheepens
nameCW-5000/ 5200 industrial chiller technical user manual
versionCW-5000/5200 Series

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