CW-5200 industrial water chiller


The CW-5000 is an active water chiller with a built in computer controller to keep your water temperature stable and secure.

CW-5200 large capacity water cooler

CW-5200 water chiller for bigger laser power

A water chiller is an integral part of every CO2 laser machine. Glass laser tubes are very sensitive to overheating so cooling must be in absolute top condition to keep your lasertube happy and healty.

The CW-5200 is a heavy duty active chiller for CO2 laser source power between 80 and 150 Watts. It has a built in computer controller to keep your water temperature stable and secure. The intelligent microprocessor in this watercooler will automatically throw an alarm and turn off any external equipment in case of problems.

Water chillers are also great for cooling spotwelders , food containers and a host of other industrial processes.

cooling capacity1.7 kilowatts
alarm functionsminimal water flow alarm | over temperature alarm | low water alarm | low temperature alarm
temperature range1 to 40 degrees celcius ( + / – 0,3 degrees)
operating modeDelta T (set temp under ambient) | fixed outlet temp
safety systemscompressor start delay | remote switching @ alarm | acoustic warning | optic diagnostics
pump systembuilt-in pumping system up to 117 kiloPascals

Never fill your chiller system with tapwater ! Use dedicated chiller-water instead !

CW-5000 detailed images
CW-5200 specifications

This chiller works well together with these CO2 laser machines :


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