fiber laser welding machine LWS1000 – KATIA


fiber laser welding machine with 1000 or 2000 watt fiber laser source. Make the perfect weld in 10 minutes without any previous experience – guaranteed !


fiber laser welding machine KATIA

laser welding has many advantages over conventional welding. Faster, stronger, cheaper, safer, easier, cleaner and more precise. Discover the possibilities of this new manual welding technology. fiber laser welding is the new way of joining thin sheet metal by hand.

The benefits of laser welding are endless and many companies are switching quickly. Anyone can weld with a laser welder. Everyone makes the perfect weld within 5 minutes!

  • Cheaper: Does not use weldingwire, bars or other accessories
  • Cheaper #2: virtually no post-processing such as grinding, sanding or polishing, etc.
  • Faster: fiber laser welding is 2 to 10 times faster than conventional welding methods
  • Stronger: The welds made with fiber laser welding are stronger than conventional welding
  • Easier: Really anyone can learn to weld with this laser welder within 5 minutes.
  • More precisely: The laser is ultra-precise and can lay very fine weld seams
  • Cleaner: Due to the speed and the small laser focal dimensions, the HAZ (heat affected zone) is extremely small and there is practically no deformation in the material.
  • Safer: fiber laser welding produces less fumes and harmful gases


♥ red pointer laser
♥ laser Wobble system
♥ preset library
♥ Nitrogen/argon connection
♥ Service case

♥ Swivel wheels
♥ integrated cooling system
♥ Loop security
♥ electric gas valve
♥ adjustable speed
♥ Replacement laser tips
♥ water-cooled pistol

♥ Gas purging system
♥ Replacement protective window
♥ Water alarm
♥ Temperature alarm
♥ Circulation alarm

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 60 × 90 × 140 cm
ease of installation


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laser power

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laser source brand



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