FSCut 2000 C technical engineering manual download


This technical engineering manual describes the BMC1604V2 control card in greater detail. It includes system features, operation and wiring instructions. This is a free download.

Download your copy of the technical FSCut-2000C manual here for free

The FSCUT 2000C digital controller (or Cypcut controller) is at the heart of the fiberlaser electronics and is one of the most used controllers on Asian fiber laser machines to date. This versatile controller steers everything from servomotor drivers to height controllers and dozens of other functions on your fiber laser machine.

User-tip : Don’t get overconfident playing around with the cypcut controls after reading this manual. It is very easy to damage the controlboard if you make a small mistake. If you need professional help, contact us and we can hook you up with one of our local technology partners.

” Don’t play around in the fiber laser’s electronics cabinet if you don’t know what you are doing ! ”

P. Scheepens
nameFSCUT2000C Laser Cutting Control System User Manual
manufacturerShanghai Friendess Electronic TechnologyCo.,Ltd
versionBMC1604V2 control card and relevant devices

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