HEPA filter for CO2 laser machines 700 m3/u


Hepa air filtration unit for CO2 laser machines. Cleans your laser fumes and eliminates nasty odors. Save a ton of money on your heating or cooling bill too.

hepa 700 fume filter system for CO2 laser machines

HEPA filter for CO2 laser machines 700 m3/u

Fume filters are essential for a healthy laser cutter environment. Harmful or toxic fumes are produced when cutting or engraving materials in a lasercutting machine. Make sure your exhaust air is cleaned to prevent health problems or environmental issues.

The HEPA 700-FS 4-stage filter system is specifically designed for scrubbing exhaust fumes from CO2 laser machines. It has 4 levels of filtration including 2 HEPA sections and an active-carbon filter to eliminate odors and fine particles.

Keep your lungs clean by catching the contaminants in your filter system – not in your body !

Airflowadjustable (10 stages) from 50 – 700 m3 / hour
power requirements110V – 220V, 50-60 Hz
Filter unit 1F5Filter pad (400*500*20mm)
Filter unit 2F8 deep pleat filter (500*600*300mm)
Filter unit 3 H13 deep pleat filter (493*593*50mm)
Filter unit 4 active carbon / gas filter (500*600*140mm)
machine dimensions670 x 770 x 1203 mm
machine weight107 Kg
noise level≦68dBA
air inlet diameter100 / 150 mm
features includedfilter full alarm | RPM counter | volume display | wireless remote control
optional remote start/stop system (temporarily included free of charge) !

An air filtration system earns itself back by saving on heating or cooling costs. Instead of blowing air out of the building, with a filter system your heated or cooled air stays inside.

  1. large particles fall in the drawer below and can easily be discarded
  2. A pre-filter filters out the first airborne particles. This filter is cheap and can be replaced often
  3. A HEPA pleated cassette filter takes our even smaller particles as air moves up through the filter system
  4. Another very fine HEPA pleated cassette filter takes out even the tiniest of particles and toxic smoke
  5. The activated carbon filter binds odors and chemicals to clean the air even further before recirculating it back into the workshop.

This filter system combines well with these CO2 laser machines :


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