Raytools ceramic spare wear part replacement ring


replacement pack of 10 ceramic rings for your raytools , precitec or WSX laserhead. Replace rings once a week for quality fiberlaser cutting.

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standard wearparts for fiberlaser cuting head

Replacement parts for your fiberlaser

Keeping your fiberlaser components healthy is vital to clean and fast cutting. Your laserhead has various parts that need periodic replacement. The ceramic ring on the bottom of your laserhead is one of them and should be replaced once a week.

The ceramic ring provides a temperature bridge between the hot cutting nozzle and the laserhead itself. If too much heat from your fiberlaser cutting process enters the laserhead it may damage the optics inside, or it may warp your laser path. The ceramic ring also has an electrode to pass on the capacity signal for your height controller.

Sometimes it is hard to see (internal) damage to the ceramic ring. It is a cheap part, replace it once a week to save your expensive equipment !

p. scheepens

replacement ceramic ring for fiberlaser cutting head - 32 mm
replacement ceramic ring – dimensions

Do yourself a big favor : do not try to save money on cheap wear parts – you are putting much more expensive items at risk !

penny-wise pound-foolish

We see it all the time in real life : the machine operator tries to save a little bit of money by not replacing nozzles, ceramic rings or protective windows in time.

” They still look good so why replace them ? ”

By saving a little money on the standard wear parts the operator may loose the quality or the cut altogether on his expensive brand new full sheet of metal. How many ceramic rings can you buy for 1 wasted metal sheet ?

Worse yet – by not replacing ceramic rings in time your height controller may malfunction or your laserhead may overheat. Both are very, very costly repairs. Moral of the story :

replace your wear parts every week !


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