How Does The Order Process Work?

After you have requested an offer using the contact form on the website, one of our service employees will contact you by email. He or she will discuss the technical details of the machine with you. You will then receive an official offer by email, which is completely non-binding for you. The offer is valid for 10 days. You can accept the offer online or sign it and send it back by email. You will then receive an invoice for the (down) payment. After your payment has been confirmed, your machine will be scheduled for assembly or will directly be scheduled for transport if it is delivered from stock.

What Are The Payment Terms?

Most of our customers pay 100% when ordering to save time and money (international payments). You can also opt for 40% / 60%. You then pay 40% when ordering and the remaining 60% when your machine is completed and transported. This is more common with machines that may need to be custom built. Since you will then make 2 international payments your bank may charge you some extra bank costs.

What Are The Delivery Times?

G.Weike delivers over USD 2,500,000,000 in machine-worth annually, so there is always a large number of machines in stock in our factories. Whether we can deliver your machine directly from stock depends heavily on the configuration and options of your machine. When you place an order, our service employee can immediately check the current stock level. In addition to factory processing time there is a transit time of 6-8 weeks for Europe. This depends a bit on international traffic and geopolitical circumstances.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

The price you pay for the factory direct machine includes packing in custom built wooden transport crates, crate treatment against insects and fungi (fumigation), the transport from the factory to the port of QINGDAO, renting a sea container and transporting it to your nearest port in Europe.
On arrival, you usually have to pay import duties and customs costs (an average of 2 to 4%) as well as VAT and transport costs from the port to your final destination. You can of course reclaim VAT if you run a business. Our service staff can help you with this.

Do you offer refunds ?

After you put in your order for your new laser machine our factory will either finish building a machine per your specifications from the ground up, or will take a (partially) built stock frame and finish it per your specs. Either way, once the machine-tag is put on and the documents are filed for shipping & handling you become the legal owner of the machine. At that time a refund is no longer possible. Your laser machine may temporarily be in the hands of a third party at which time we have no more control over the shipping & delivery process and can no longer process refunds.

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